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June news

Apologies to all of you who tried to purchase tickets & merchandise from our Newsletter links last week. Our web server was down for the weekend - however, everything is running as normal now, so we’re resending it, complete with working links! IF YOU’RE A MAILING LIST SUBSCRIBER (hint, hint - click the the button in the top right?), here’s what you would have got - the gift of our monthly Newsletter, that just keeps on givin’…



Can we say a heartfelt THANK YOU for both the response to our new website and our new tour teeshirt which has simply flown off the shelves

We now fully expect to see them representin’ at future gigs. You can still snatch one here: https://www.limehouselizzy.co.uk/merchandise  or by clicking the Merchandise button in the menu above


Likewise, tickets for gigs have also flown out the door, such is the anticipation of a return to the live stage. Which in turn is causing us to shift our COVID-ample behinds into sweatpants and lycra and head to the rehearsal studio. The first one is next week when we’ll spend the first hour on a refresher course, labelling the guitars ‘front’, ‘back, ‘top’ and ‘bottom’…


And now, in true Reginald Bosanquet stylee, here is Da News:


ROCKIN’ ROBIN…yes, there’s no finer gig to catapult you out of the pandemic doldrums than THE ROBIN in Bilston (June 25th). We think this could get quite emosh, as we hit the stage for the first time since March 14th 2020. Why, we’re even welling up as we write (rapid flapping of hands in front of eyes)….

SUMMER-SET IN SOMERSET…but don’t worry, we’ll pull ourselves together in time to tear the roof of the fab likkul bolt hole known as BRIDGWATER ARTS in Somerset (July 2nd). You will have noted that this gig is the second to be featured in our Whicker-Chalmers sponsored  ‘Limehouse StaCation’ Specials, which, we’re told, are proving to be a massive hit in Upper Thong (yes, it is a real place) for some reason? It’s an idyllic spot where you can don your ‘brand new gaiters and your cord-eeroy paantz’ (thank you The Wurzels), get sozzled and sodden on the world famous local scrumpy and then shake your barnet dandruff-free, boogeying down to a bit o’ Lizzy. Sounds like a plan!

BACK-IN-BLACK..POOL..another in our series of Sta-Ca-Destinations. The Tower. The Pleasure Beach. The Golden Mile. Gypsy Petulengro. All legendary icons of this noble town, that need no introduction. And, of course, THE LEYTON (June 3rd) where we’re hoping they’ll put out that fabulous stage extension runway like last time. And we’re hoping even more that we’ll have enough puff to get down it. And back.

‘HAMPTON COMES ALIVE…after the 3rd reschedule, this has to be it! If you’ve ever joined us previously at THE BROOK in Southampton (July 9th) then you’ll know that this truly is one of the best live venues of its’ type in the country. We’ve posted video footage up previously of some of the joyous assemblies we’ve had there, which seemed to meet the approval of all who viewed it. Come on, come over...

TAKING ‘STOCK…owing to the Territorial Limiter on our Limehouse Uber-Cruiser, Tavistock is currently the furthest South West that we go. But THE WHARF there surely has to be the epicentre of Fake Star entertainment?! The town is beautiful, the venue is beautiful, the people are beautiful and the band are…going there on July 16th

S’WONDERFUL, S’MARVELLOUS…we are pleased - nay, proud - to be invited back to join the always-stellar lineup that makes up the MARVELLOUS FESTIVAL ON July 17th. Check their website to see the other acts.

Enough already - this should see you through to August, when we can regale you with tales of York, Whitby, Watford, Newcastle-U-Lyme and other delights to come.

In the meantime, here's the link to our 2021 tour dates: https://www.limehouselizzy.co.uk/tour-dates 



May 2021:


And an unmasked, double-vaccinated ‘welcome back’  big hug to all of you!

Currently, the exciting news has to be that all is looking well for a full-on - if cautious -  return to live performance. Which, of course is what all of us in the arts, entertainment and hospitality have been waiting for for what seems an eternity!

In light of this, we’ve taken the decision to put tickets back on sale for this years tour dates - CLICK THIS LINK (or select TOUR DATES from the menu) to go directly to them. We also want to thank all of you who faithfully held on to their previously purchased tickets for so long, which was an immense help to both the band and the venues.

Hope you like our new web home?  We've tried to streamline things a little more, including grouping news, social media (Instagram) and the ever-popular Guestpad onto the Homepage, with links to their individual pages.

You’ll also notice our first teeshirt for years, on the Merchandise page! Rest assured we’ll be scouring all corners of the web to try to bring you fresh ideas on both our own and the Thin Lizzy brands. Maybe your old Lizzy tee has worn out and needs replacing? Let us know, we may still have inroads to original merchandise as well as trying to breathe new life into some of the older images.

Either way, get in touch anyhow to give us feedback on how we can improve any-and-all things Lizzy that may occur to you. You have a choice of social media, our Contact page and also the Guestpad - so there’s no excuse!


Limehouse x