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Greg Alcock's Blog
AMP DOCTOR      17th October 2007, 6:41pm

All of my amp repair/servicing is carried out by Dr Jas Nakhwal of Astral Sonic Technology, Unit C, Mill 6, Mabgate Mills, Macaulay Street, Leeds, LS9 7SW. Jas also helps maintain Wayne's bass amp rack system.

Tel: 07902 241155 or email:       

If you live in the north of England, and have any equipment (Amps, cabs, effects, rack systems etc.) that needs servicing/repairing go and see Jas. He also carries out custom-design.

He's really friendly and helpful, and always explains what he's doing in layman's terms.

Jas also looks after some of the vintage and rare amps over at the "Supreme Court of Rock 'n' Roll", Music Ground in Leeds.

My Myspace page      4th August 2007, 3:47pm


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